Bene-Vita means Good Life.

Getting the diagnosis that my mother had breast and ovarian cancer has changed my life in ways I had never imagined it would. I needed to know why she got ill. I needed to help her. I wasn’t ready to lose her. I needed to change my lifestyle to help her. Out of this crisis, my journey in natural and organic living was born.

Having studied towards a Masters in Somatology, I do have some foundational knowledge of health and skincare. However after the diagnosis led me down a path of intense research into natural health and skincare, I became aware of the numerous inconsistencies which I not only practiced in my own skincare routine but also recommended to my clients. My motto in life is ‘When you know better, you do better. This has been pivotal in transforming my self-care routine, as well as sharing what I learned with others.

About 4 years ago, I became an administrator on a large (8500+ members) Facebook group called South African Natural Immunity Health Community (SANIHC)SANIHC is a page dedicated to the promotion of a natural lifestyle. Seeing a desperate need for clean and organic Skin Care products, I decided to start my product range. Together with my business partner Qira Mathews, we started Bene-Vita Skincare.

As much as skincare is our primary focus, we are very aware that good skin comes from within and this is how our brand name developed. Good skin comes from a ‘Good or Well Life’. Qira who is also my niece, having dealt with my mother’s cancer diagnosis, also realises the importance of being healthy and well and shares my passion for creating superior natural skincare products.

Bene-Vita Skincare is well known for using Sea Buckthorn oil in our products. I was first introduced to Sea Buckthorn oil by my homeopath, Dr. Leslie Emdin. After using it for myself and my family and seeing the amazing health benefits, I just knew this was going to be part of something I wanted to create and share with others.

Sea Buckthorn is superior in Omega 7. It contains over 190 nutrients and phytonutrients. This berry also has as much Vitamin E as wheat germ, three times more Vitamin A than carrots, and four times more superoxide dismutase, an important enzyme that helps prevent free radical damage. If that isn’t enough, Sea Buckthorn is also the only plant source that contains Omega 3, 6, 7, and 9, making this berry a complete Omega family. Sea Buckthorn oil is great for radiation, sun damage and is a powerful anti-inflammatory, full of nutrients that promote faster cellular regeneration.

We have a few ranges and Timeless is our main product range, it uses the unique and powerful Sea Buckthorn oil. Our formulations focus on anti-aging as well as problematic skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, and pigmentation. We are also famous for our Black Seed Oil which is a firm favourite and is known as ‘The Blessed Seed’ as there is no ailment or illness that this oil cannot assist with. The power and versatility of the oil stands above any other botanical.

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